Discover How to Grab a Slice of the US$3 Trillion Global E-Commerce Pie with Amazon...
… Without Even Having a Website to Worry About

“CNBC Reports Amazon’s Revenue Climbs 37% In Knockout Quarter As Offline Retail Spending Shifts Online” 
- Discover strategies from top sellers to exploit this opportunity. 


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There’s Never Been a Better Time 
to Sell on Amazon

Online buying has skyrocketed in 2020… discover how to catch this ‘Tsunami’ of buyers.

Our Webinar will reveal practical steps to help you discover:

  • 5 Steps on How to start selling on Amazon 
  • 3 Secrets in Amazon FBA
  • ​The Proven Product Criteria 
  • How to Build a Recession Proof Business
The best part? You get to own your own brand...

Here are some other cool things about selling on Amazon:

  • No need to learn online marketing
  • No large capital required
  • ​No need to build a website

What's needed is:

  • How to discover what products sell
  • Where to find products to sell at a good profit
  • ​How to list products so buyers can find it
  • ​A bit of know-how to avoid common mistakes

Ordinary people from all walks of life are getting life-changing results with Amazon FBA…

We have had successful students that are:

...Working at full-time jobs
...Fresh graduates
...Established business owners

This only further proves that anyone can be an online entrepreneur...
... even for people with no experience at selling online.

The Trainer for this program is one of the top sellers on Amazon...
...he will be sharing his uniquely simple process that gets outstanding results.

Why Consider selling on Amazon

...Lets take a look at the stats which don't lie..

We asked sellers for their 
annual revenue on Amazon

What can we infer from the data?

1) More than 56% of Amazon sellers earn more than US$ 100,000 

2) Up to 91% of sellers earn more than US$ 10,000 a year

3) Those who are doing better than 9% of the existing sellers are already getting more than US$10,000 in revenue.

4) 112 Million People in the USA have Amazon Prime Membership - gets free 2 day shipping from FBA Sellers

5) 57% of Amazon Sales Revenue comes from FBA sellers like us

Why Now is The Best Time to 
Get Started on Amazon
  • There are still undiscovered profitable niches on Amazon Marketplace
  • There are more shoppers shifting to buy things online - and Amazon is the TOP choice
  • ​Spending on these platforms are anticipated to grow… BIG
  • More people staying safe at home has created a massive shift to online buying
  • ​Competition is still at its infancy… this will change over time as more sellers get online

Why attend the webinar?

We’ve been doing business on Amazon for many years. In fact, selling on Amazon is our core business.

We actually run our Amazon business full-time and teach others to do it in our spare time.

In the webinar, we’ll be revealing these strategies and other valuable information that you’ll need to know before starting your business.

We'll be covering the latest, proven techniques to sell successfully on Amazon.

What you will be getting at our training is actual, real-world strategies that are working for us… not theory from a textbook. We are always up to date with what's working and what's not because we are personally running our own businesses.

Get real, actionable steps to be successful in the shortest possible time.

Here are some testimonials from our students:
Frequently Asked Questions
Why sell on a Marketplace like Amazon?
Selling on a Marketplace is a huge e-commerce business trend now. The whole business system is automated. Operating costs such as manpower, logistics, advertising and other expenses in e-commerce can be kept to a minimum. The best part? This is a business that can grow and be operated from anywhere in the world.
Do I need a lot of capital to start this online business?
Unlike a brick-and-mortar business, an Amazon FBA can get up and running with minimal capital as most of the services are free. The key really lies in selecting the right products to sell on this platform.
Can I start an Amazon FBA business even with no IT and software background?
Amazon makes it easy for sellers without IT expertise or software development knowledge to operate the business. In fact, we have students over the age of 70 selling on this platform… just to show it’s possible for anyone who’s willing to put in some effort. 
How would people find my products if I don't advertise?
Amazon has several hundred million buyers actively seeking and buying products on a regular basis. There are many strategies to get found without spending on ads… for example, making sure that our listings are written in the right way. We’ll discuss this and other strategies in our upcoming webinar. 
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